Dissolved (2014 - 2014)

by the artist
14 Mar 2014
Review of Dissolved by Andrew Haydon

"dramaturgically exciting and astute enough to take you on a mental journey"
have a read HERE

10 Mar 2014

Dissolved performance : 6-22 March, Thur-Sat. 


Limited capacity !

24 Feb 2014
Invitation to the PV of Dissolved

You are invited to come to the opening of DISSOLVED INSTALLATION on Thursday 6 March at 6pm.  It will be followed by the premiere of the PERFORMANCE at 7.30pm. Tickets are on sale HERE

29 Jul 2013
Dominoes on Denmark National TV

Watch out the first day of filming Dominoes in Copenhagen, for KIT Metropolis 

24 Jul 2013

On Thursday 1 August at 4.30pm, thousands of concrete blocks will create a vast moving sculpture through the streets, buildings and waterways of Copenhagen as Station House Opera's celebrated Dominoes opens the Metropolis Festival / KIT (Københavns Internationale Teater).
Emerging on film in the industrial harbour of Amager, the blocks will encounter the changing architecture in the city, from the historic to the striking new buildings, to join the live run in the city centre as hundreds of volunteers help to realise the 3 km procession, cheering it along its twisting route. From Nikolaj Kunsthal to City Hall Square, 7,000 blocks will make their way in and out of buildings, monuments and hidden alleyways, followed by an audience of thousands.

Over the course of one day, Dominoes will enhance and animate the city centre, offering a beautiful and playful homage to Copenhagen.

From 4.15pm local time, it will be possible to watch this unique event online and follow it on your mobile from wherever you are in the world via the KIT website (you can like Station House Opera's Facebook page for a reminder nearer the time).

19 Mar 2013
Dominoes in Belgium, France and Denmark

Busy year that is 2013 for Station House Opera. Dominoes will wind its way through France, Belgium and Denmark. 

Join us in May for the new festival Nord Magnetic in Bailleul and Poperinghe and in August in Copenhagen for the opening of KIT festival. 

Dominoes films
10 Dec 2012
ROADMETAL, SWEETBREAD, premiere in Paris in January

The iconic production Roadmetal, Sweetbread has been revived and is currently being presented in Paris. Performed by Florence Peake and Florian Feigl.  

10-25 January 2013 at the Theatre de la Cité Internationale.

13 Aug 2012

DOMINOES took place on Thursday 23rd August for the Helsinki Festival as part of the Night of the Arts.  Taking in locations throughout the city - an island in the harbour, Meri-Rastela, Kallio, the tunnels under the city, downtown Helsinki - the run culminated in Senate Square with a concert by Kimmo Pohjonen.




Helsinki Festival
20 Sep 2011
Video of Dominoes in Ljubljana

Here is a video of Dominoes running in the streets of Ljubljana. The film was made by Bunker, and was screened live at the point where the run ended, at the opening of the Festival Mladi Levi.

Click here, slide to the right, it's the 4th video
25 Jul 2011
DOMINOES in Ljubljana

We are very happy to re-create Dominoes in the streets of Ljubljana !

See you on the 19th August for the opening of Mladi Levi Festival


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