Jumpin' Jericho (1984 - 1986)

Photo: Chris Bishop
Photo: Chris Lurca

1984 (Part 1)
A city of ground dwellers used loose stacks of concrete blocks as their clothing, moving them slowly and laboriously across the stage, changing their shape. Above them, an invasion of airborne performers and furniture ascended and descended.

Bloomsbury Theatre, London

1986 (Part 2)
Extracts from a life of romantic confusion and stuckness. Whether standing on brackets fixed to a wall (above an alligator on the floor), restricted in their attempts to reach each other by their precarious positions, or playing different tunes from the same sheet of music (due to being hung by the heels and reading it upside down) the performers are confronted by the spatial consequences of desire.

Three performers stand on a flying carpet floating in the air beneath their feet - held up by their own counter-balanced weights. A fourth performer is unattached, her presence tending only to send the others skywards. How to resolve such differences? - time is suspended through a choreography for the whole world; with hundreds of cigarettes and many bottles of wine brought into a single, organised action, the performers attempt to smoke and drink themselves into paradise.

The Place Theatre, London

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The Bloomsbury Theatre, London
The Place Theatre, London.

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