Landscape (1982)

Landscape Photo: Patrick Keiller

A piece inspired by the way gardens and views of landscape have been used to 'capture' nature and explain our place in the universe. Human travel through space is replaced by the stationary eye which sees changes of space occur around it: it is not just the audience which was limited to the place of performance (a near-derelict abattoir in Waterloo); the performers too remained rooted there, as if the physical location were part of their own bodies, while space was forced to change around them. Scene-changes became a matter of theatrical tours de force, where the mechanics of change became the agent of dramatic movement.

A collapsing ladder brought a canvas curtain (which defined the interior of the space) sweeping forwards and downwards, covering everything on the floor in front of it - objects, performers alike. It revealed the view, while the things covered over became the contours of the external landscape. The traveller stepped outside, while those inside were consigned to non-existence, until the process reversed, restoring their presence, while the traveller was lost forever.

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Waterloo Studios, London

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